The kids are the future.

The kids are the future. I’m in Belgium for a few weeks and I’ve noticed some things about the kids:

SMS (instant messages over your mobile) is still really in. At a recent UPA meet I heard about some research in the UK that showed girls are likely to initiate first contact with a boy they fancy through SMS rather than in person. I guess it’s nothing else than an advanced note – the role of note-pasing in girls social lifes has been well documented. There are a lot of really interesting aspects to think about here: changing roles, technology influencing the social sphere, …

I heard the expression “sjatlief” for the first time, which I understand is a common term for a boyfriend you met through chatting, and is somehow different from a real boyfriend.

Maybe chatting, SMS and all those technologies are in a way very empowering for young girls? They use them in ways that are good for them. That ties in with the view of the active consumer, who makes cultural products his own, instead of just passively being influenced by, say, american TV programs.

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