DSVR hosting

I moved to DSVR hosting about two months ago, so I could have my own (virtual) server to play around with. PHP, mySQL, JAVA servlets, mod_rewrite, complete control ove your apache httpd.conf file and all other config files, all the usual goodies you want. It’s £300 (about US$ 450) a year. I pay about £10 a month for extra bandwidth, but that’s the price of popularity, you get 3 gigs a month included. I’m on the virtual server 300 package.

I have complete access to my own server, loads of domain names, I can play around all I want and, and this is the killer, their tech support is really good.

£300 a year, great tech support.

Why this plug? I’m just impressed. Today one of their tech guys helped me fix what was a coding problem of mine, which was producing problems for their server (basically my script was writing about 20 files a minute to the server, it wasn’t a pretty sight.)

So if you have more than just a small personal site to host, and need to play around with server side stuff a lot, check them out. They’re good.

0 thoughts on “DSVR hosting

  1. Yep,
    this is the best Internet company out there.
    There prices, service and customer satisfaction levels are way above and ahead of all others.

    I have been with them for 3 years and recommend them to everyone. Very reliable
    (which means less friendly tech support calls from family & friends on my voicemail).

  2. yea its really greta we have only been downtime 18 times in 2 months and their phone lines are are constantly busy so you cannot get through.
    ITs a RIP OFF!!! why not do a dns check or speed test and ypou will rapidly realise they are hosting ypu on an outdated shared server.

  3. i must admit we have the same problem. We are yet again down due to DSVR. The control panel is cumbersome and does not always work. You cannot make changes yourself to the apache files so it really is the worst host we have ever had.

  4. DSVR is down again and their phone lines are jammed. Our site has now been down for 3 days and we cannot get through to speak to anyone.THis is the 4th time in 3 months thishas happened and as a result we have lost all our search engine rankings.
    I think all site owners and web-masters who have been conned into using their cheap and nasty servers should form a group and bring a class law suit against DSVR.Anyone agree?

  5. DSVR we very solid for a long time, then something happened and now downtime seems to be more common than it should be. and why is the hard drive space so very limited?

    anyone got any suggestions for alternative hosts that offer a similar level of control (httpd.conf, email etc)

  6. we are down again today. Yesterday it was down, last week it was down!!! If anyoone is thinking of using DSVR as hosts – FORGET IT they are an absolute nightmare.
    At best you will get an uptime of 85% which for a minimum of £170 per year is a sick joke.

  7. ‘At best you will get an uptime of 85%’

    when was that? you are lucky! our uptime is about 66%. It is down almost every day with no explanation or apology. DSVR/legend are rip-off merchants.

  8. They used to be ok but they’ve been bought and sold a couple of times. Now their service is pretty poor. I just got an e-mail from their billing department threatening to suspend my account within 3 days over an invoice that isn’t even due yet. Naff.

  9. DSVR used to be good. Now they have been re-branded Demon DVS their service is almost non-existent (eg downtime feels greater than uptime, support tickets take days to be answered etc etc).

    I would heavily recommend that people keep well away from DSVR/Demon DVS, unless you don’t need any form of reliability in your hosting.

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