Serendipity (definition) and browsing are really closely related words. Serendipity is one of those words that I just really like. It took me a while to learn (I kept forgetting what it meant), but now I love it. Serendipity. Serendipity.

Scott Andrew is starting to play around with linking strategies. (via Matt).

I think a lot of people lately have started using Google functionality, like backwards links and similar pages when browsing the web. I was thinking about this, and decided to experiment with search terms. When I’m writing something, I usually do a few google searches. Why not shares those search terms, which constitute valuable information, since I usually have to try a few before finding the best ones.

Google searches: “serendipity browsing” and “supporting serendipity“, which lead me to this interesting PPT file: Collaboration in the digital library (PPT), from Lancaster university, which makes good points like:

– Collaborative, situated learning just happens because of physical affordances.
– Collaboration (in searching in libraries) happens, it matters and we should build interfaces to support it.

… and uses ethnographic methods.

Did I mention serendipity?

0 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. :) That’s funny. Language eh? It’s weird, the “feeling that everything is connected”, that you can sometimes have really strongly (it’s almost religious) can be generated by stimulating certain parts of the brain, I read an article about that a while back…

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