A Yahoo category: Home > Society and Culture > Food and Drink > Drinks and Drinking > Coffee > Kona Coffee (via the Rockabilly Librarian) The depts of the net never cease to amaze.

Seriously though: I was thinking: most forms of expression have brought forth a number of really interesting and rich genres. Think music, or photography. On the web, it seems like its still early days, because really, most sites just aren’t very good… There are a few blogs out there I enjoy, and some useful sites. But mostly its fairly drab.

I think one of the problems is that we’re still in a stage where most web designers (and I use the term broadly) are concerned mostly with form. Or technology. Not content.

That includes most of the weblogs, and most visual sites (the Flash crowd). Few people actually think about what they have to say, and how to say it. Almost none use the strengths of the web to reinforce their point. I’m hoping some bright kids will come up with the really good stuff soon. Us old timers will probably hate it :) Come on kids, surprise me!

I know of the blogger crowd, and the Flash crowd. But what other experimentation is going on? Porn? Maybe the real strengths of the web are being discovered at unlikely places like Geocities. I’m gonna have a look right now!

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