Chains and teams

I learned a few things about teams during the past two years:

– Good teams are crucial to successful projects.

– Process is crucial too, but good teams play with process, ie. adjust it to their needs for the project. Bad teams follow process literally and then complain about it.

– You can not afford a role in the team (visual design, IA, copy writing, …) that is weak. You can only afford weak members if someone else picks up their role.

The client is part of the team. The team needs to educate the client and put them in the right mindset to work together.

– Specs are secondary in a good team. Specs can only convey say 40% of the nessecary information. Good teams talk, they don’t throw specs at each other. Specs are insurance that everybody understands each other, nothing more.

– Working together from a distance is only effective if you know each other well.

Of course this all assumes web-like projects. I’m not talking about launching the space shuttle, although many of the same ideas would apply. (Not the spec one)

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