Moving to the USA

So I’ve quit my job, and I’m moving to the US. ( if you know someone in NY/NJ who is looking for an information architect with a focus on CMS, metadata, internationalisation.)

Something I realised yesterday: when a client comes to me with an idea for a website, they have something in their head that works really well: a fantasy.

Requirements gathering is a bit like discussing sex in that way: the client will have this fantasy of a website, and ofcourse, in their heads it all works perfectly. Like a sex fantasy: in your head it may be great to have sex with 4 people on the beach (random example), but most people realise that that doesn’t nessecarily mean they want to act this out in real life.

The client though, he can just see it. The site will be perfect. You need to get them down in the real world, because when you actually try to build this baby, all the real life constraints set in, and that’s when things get hard. Prototyping is good for giving them that taste of real life…

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